Mediation Services…

has over 26 years of experience in the Florida Legal Community. We are the leaders in creative resolutions for Divorce Mediation & Circuit Civil cases.

If you are considering hiring a mediator we urge you to look carefully at their qualifications & actual experience.

At the “End of the Day” what really matters is: “Did you get a resolution to your case that fits YOUR Needs?”

Ask yourself one very important question:

“What good is mediation if you come away with No Settlement – – or worse a Settlement that doesn’t fit your needs?”

We strive to find solutions that fit YOUR NEEDS.

We have the Knowledge, Training & Experience to help our clients reach an agreement that they need to settle their case, and avoid a costly trip to court.

Isn’t that what Matters?

Helpful Hints for a Successful Mediation

  1. Approach the Mediation as if you were going to Court or a Business Meeting.
  2. Organize your Important Document
  3. What is your “Best Day in Court” AND “Worst Day in Court”
  4. Write Down what you feel is a “Fair Settlement”
  5. Ask yourself: “What will I Give Up – to Settle the Case?”